Month: September 2020

Rules Regarding Use of Unfair Means in Exams at The Blossoms School

Rules Regarding Use of Unfair Means by Students in Class Tests/Evaluations/ Assessments/Periodic Tests/Examinations etc. Conducted by The Blossoms School, Muzzammil Manzil, Civil Lines, Aligarh.

One of the many things about which The Blossoms School has been consistently proud is that our children do not resort to unfair means in any test or exam. In the two decades of our existence, we can count – on the fingers of one hand – the number of times a student has been found using unfair means in any test or exam, no matter how small or big. This strong moral fiber is one of the elements which makes a Blossoms student stand out.

In the present remote teaching-learning scenario, all the tests and exams are being conducted online.  It is, therefore, very painful for us to narrate that many students are resorting to unfair means in the online evaluations, assessments, tests and examinations. This was sadly in evidence even in the E1 and PT1 assessments.

To put a stop to this unhealthy trend it has been decided to frame the following rules.

The Rules:

  1. Title: Rules Regarding Use of Unfair Means by Students in Class Tests/Evaluations/ Assessments/Periodic Tests/Examinations etc.
  2. For the purposes of these rules, “unfair means” will include:
    • Plagiarism
    • Impersonation
    • Conversation with classmates or anyone else
    • Referring to learning sources like websites, class notes, Learning Content, self-made notes, books, etc.
    • Distracting other attendees during the examination
    • Any other means and methods of writing the exam etc. which in the opinion of the examiners is considered to be unfair.
  3. The following disciplinary action will be initiated if a student found using unfair means as defined above in any Class Tests/Evaluations/Assessments/Periodic Tests/Examinations etc.:

 a. for the first offence:

  • (i) not be given any mark for the portion/portions in which she/he has used unfair means.
  • (ii) 50% of the marks secured by her/him in the rest of the paper will be deducted from her/his final score
[Explanation: This will apply irrespective of the quantum of marks for which unfair means were resorted to. In other words, the use of unfair means for one mark or more will result in a deduction of 50% marks from the overall score in that paper].

b. for the second offence:

  • (i) be given zero marks in that test or assessment.

c. for the third and subsequent offences:

  • (i) will, in addition to deduction of marks as detailed in Rule 3, sub-rule b (i) above, be issued a Blue Card and then for each such subsequent offence the next higher disciplinary card ending with the Black Card.

      4. These Rules, along with such modifications therein, as may be made from time to time, will remain in operation for all times to come.

These rules will come into effect from Friday, September 25, 2020.




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