Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


To provide education for the overall development of the mind, character and personality of the students and to engrain in them a value system which helps them to become responsible and law abiding citizens of the country with a scientific temper, democratic outlook and a secular temperament. To create an enabling environment – with state-of-the-art infrastructure and 21st Century technology-driven pedagogical tools and techniques of teaching & learning – for the blossoming and nurturing of the talents and skills of the students to prepare them to become next generation leaders, thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs. To help them to learn that wisdom is more important than knowledge, character is more prized than wealth, humility is more valuable than achievement and that most important of all is to be a good human being.


At the end of five years the school will have digitally enabled classrooms as a teaching learning tool. The digital content will not be vendor-driven. It will be need based, dynamic and flexible. The content will be prepared in house by the educators and students. The content will be modified to keep pace with the expanding frontiers of knowledge. The Mission is to ensure that each class in the school is digitally enabled within the next three to five years.



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