Education is the kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel.” – Socrates *THE BLOSSOMS SCHOOL, which was earlier known as Blossoms Play School, is in its fifteenth year. The school is being run under the aegis of the Murtazai Begum Memorial Educational and Social Welfare Trust (Regd.) . It is a CBSE recognised, minority, English medium, co-educational, Secondary School (i.e. upto Class X) Schools, such as THE BLOSSOMS SCHOOL, are a child’s first exposure to the environment  outside her or his home.

These schools provide the foundation on which the little one builds her or his value system. The basic purpose of primary education, therefore, is, or should be, to put this foundation on a firm footing. In the years gone by we, at THE BLOSSOMS SCHOOL, have learnt even as we have facilitated the learning process for the children.

These years have reinforced our belief that: * Each child is unique with distinct needs and capabilities. * The first six years of a child’s life – when unconscious learning gradually merges to the conscious level – are the most important years of her or his growth. * Children are to be respected as different from adults. * Children have unusual sensitivity and intellectual ability, unlike adults, to absorb and learn from the environment, both in  quality as well as quantity. * Play is children’s work. The curriculum at THE BLOSSOMS SCHOOL  has been designed to help children reach their full potential in all areas of life.

Educators at THE BLOSSOMS SCHOOL  are facilitators, guides and helpers, rather than imposers of their own will. At THE BLOSSOMS SCHOOL, the relationship between the child and the educator is symbiotic. It is based on just and mutual respect. Educators here ensure that the child experiences the joy of learning, the time to enjoy the process, she/he develops self-esteem and self-confidence and is willing to try new things. All of the above will be achieved through/by :- *Several multi-sensory, sequential and self-correcting materials to facilitate learning. *Developing the child’s self-confidence by designing tasks in such a manner that each new step is built upon what the child has already mastered.

This will remove the negative experience of frequent failure, contributing to the child’s emotional development and inculcate the habit of concentration through a series of absorbing experiences. *Laying emphasis on facilitating the learning process rather than on correcting for the sake of correcting. Implicit herein is the need to show respect for child’s effort and work. The other key features of THE BLOSSOMS SCHOOL are:

  1. Dynamic and continually evolving learning methodologies based on the latest research.
  2. Universally accepted student-educator ratios.
  3. Emphasis on outdoor activities that includes activity clubs, sand play, water play, skating, taekwondo

and other games and sports such as kho-kho, basketball, volleyball etc.

  1. The children also undertake frequent field visits with a view to instilling awareness about their surroundings and

the environment.

  1. Frequent and meaningful interaction with the parents so as to develop synergies between the learning

environment in school and at home.

  1. Emphasis on social etiquette such as general manners, table manners, importance of cleanliness and

personal hygiene, etc.

  1. The endeavour at THE BLOSSOMS SCHOOL is that the children who step out of its precincts flower

into sincere, balanced, aware and self-confident individuals who are able to hold their own in any walk of life.

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