The curriculum at The Blossoms School has been designed to provide an enabling environment for children to reach their full potential in all areas of life. The curriculum motivates students to develop an understanding of key concepts. The learning here is content oriented, activity based and child centric. The curriculum is designed in such a way that each higher stage of learning is based on the mastery grasps of the subject matter at the level below it. The curriculum evolves and matures through Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary stages. The whole session is planned and divided into themes, right from assemblies to activities, to trips and classroom interactions. All aspects of the teaching-learning paradigm are thoughtfully interlinked to provide holistic learning environment. The aim is to help each child identify and enhance her or his core skills – whether scholastic, co-scholastic or co-curricular. A lot of emphasis is put on value education to develop positivity and joy of learning.
Our strength lies in our resolve to offer healthy and unique options to each child and in evolving ways to evaluate each student’s aptitude within his/her own capacity to imbibe by participating in and enjoying the processes of learning. In this way, we at the Blossoms seek, strive and try to excel.
Pre Primary Section (Nursery, Senior Nursery)
Scholastic – English, Hindi, Number Work, Environmental Studies and Moral Education.
Co-scholastic– Art & Craft and Skating.
Co-curricular-Sand Play, games and other activities to develop gross and fine motor skills, circle time, colour days, field visits.
NOTE: Parents are sincerely advised not to start teaching alphabets and numbers to their children without first consulting the school.
Preparatory (Prep)
Scholastic- English, Hindi, Arabic, Number Work, Environmental Studies, Computer Science and Moral Education.
Co-scholastic– Art & Craft and Skating.
Co-curricular– Sand Play, games and other activities to develop gross and fine motor skills, circle time, colour days, field visits.
Primary Section (Class I-V)
Scholastic- English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Math, Environmental Studies, General Knowledge, Computer Science and Moral Science.
Co-scholastic– Art & Craft, Skating/Music, Value Education, Competitions.
Co-curricular– Games, Taekwondo and Aerobics, Field Visits.
Upper Primary Section (Class VI-VIII)
 Scholastic- English, Hindi, Urdu, Math, Science, Social Science, General Knowledge and Computer Science.
Co-scholastic– Art & Craft, Music, Value Education, Competitions and Clubs
Co-curricular– Games, Taekwondo, Aerobics and Field Visits.
Secondary Section (Class IX & X)
Scholastic- English, Hindi / Urdu, Math, Science, Social Science and Information Technology.
Co-scholastic– Art & Craft, Music, Life Skills, Work Education, Attitudes and Values, Competitions and Clubs.
Co-curricular– Games, Literary and Creative Skills, Gardening/Shramdaan.


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