Competitions (2019-20)

10th - 16th April 2019IV - V2D PaintingParticipants will make paintings using materials on the topic "My Favourite Indian Heritage Building" combining different elements to create a 2D effect.
10th - 16th April 2019VI - XI2D PaintingParticipants will make paintings using materials on the topic " Amazon Rain Forests" combining different elements to create a 2D effect.
15th - 23rd April 2019I - IIICard MakingMother's Day
22nd - 25th April 2019V - VIISelf Composed
Topic - A Responsible Citizen, Earth Day
22nd - 25th April 2019VIII - XSong WritingTopic- Health, Indian Heritage or Manual Labour
13th May 2019
VI - X3D Sculpture
Participants will work in a team of 2 to create a 3D structure using waste material only.
8th - 12th July 2019I - IIIRead-a-thonRead as many story books as you could.
Competition- Listen to a story and use your imagination to Draw and Colour.
8th - 12th July 2019IV - VRead-a-thon - Story WritingRead as many story books as you can. Read to people who can't read.
Competition- Rewrite an Aesop Fable or Panchtantra with a twist (Language- English, Hindi or Urdu)
8th - 12th July 2019VI - XRead-a-thon - Story WritingRead as many story books as you can. Read to people who can't read. Have discussions on your favourite authors.
Competition- Turn around the famous classic characters and then write your version of that tale (Language- English, Hindi or Urdu)
22nd - 27th July 2019VI - XWater Conservation Competition
Participants (team of 3) have to come up with practical solutions in everyday life to save water. They can choose between Power Point Presentation on running a campaign or Model Solutions to compete with other teams.
5th - 8th August 2019I - IIRakhi MakingN/A
5th - 8th August 2019III - VStone & Ceramic Plate ArtChildren are expected to openly show their creativity using stones or a ceramic plate as base.
19th - 22nd August 2019VI - VIILava Lamp MakingChildren have to creatively turn the simple experiment of density into working lamps using oil, water and food grade colour. They can participate in a team of 2.
19th - 22nd August 2019
VIII - XWorking LampsWorking in teams of 2 children will make attractive working lamps from used materials only.
2nd - 5th Sep 2019I Spoon RaceN/a
2nd - 5th Sep 2019IIObstacle RaceN/a
2nd - 5th Sep 2019VII - XCollage MakingA child will take his/her photograph and create a collage around it as per the topic.
Topic- Selfie as a book character or a historical figure.
11th Oct 2019I Fancy DressWaste Material
12th Oct 2019I Fancy DressWaste Material
15th Oct 2019II Fancy DressWaste Material
16th Oct 2019II Fancy DressWaste Material
21st - 26th Oct 2019III & IVCandle DecorationN/a
21st - 26th Oct 2019V & VIQandeel MakingN/a
24th - 30th Oct 2019VII - XCharacter Portrayal & Speech CompetitionParticipants will prepare a two minute speech on their favourite book or historical character which they chose in their Collage Making Competition. They will also dress like that character and deliver their speeches in their chosen character's style. Judging will be based on costume, presentation, language, and enactment of the character. An initial audition will be done in classes and three best students will be chosen from each class to have a final competition on 30th October, 2019.
4th - 7th November 2019I - IVHand Puppet MakingChildren will make two hand puppets of non-living things that come in pairs. E.g. salt & pepper, pencil & eraser, garbage & dustbin, etc. Children must use common materials to make these hand puppets such as, socks, paper bags, sticks, etc.
4th - 7th November 2019V - XEngineering ChallengeStructure Building (Team of 2) - participants can use materials like newspapers, toothpicks or ice cream sticks. The challenge will be disclosed a week before the competition.
11th-15th November 2019I - IVShow and TellConversation between hand puppets which children made in their Hand Puppet Competition.
18th - 23rd November 2019VII - XCase Study CompetitionTeam of 6 will choose one environmental or social problem to research, develop perspective solutions and present their respective cases within this week. General rounds will take place within classrooms with a final best presentation from each class on 23rd November, 2019. Teams will be judged on quality of research, practicality of the proposed solution and presentation skills and on answers given on questions asked by the judges.
18th - 23rd November 2019III - VEssay WritingParticipants will have to write an essay of 100 words. The topic will be informed prior to the competition.
7th December 2019III - VSkit CompetitionA skit of maximum 5 minutes will be prepared by a group of not more than 10 children. Groups can choose any Hindi Proverb as their theme. One skit from each class will be chosen for the final presentation. The rules and regulations will be informed separately.
10th December 2019VI - XOne Act PlayEach class will prepare a one act play of 15 minutes from plays of Tagore, Satyajit Ray or Munshi Prem Chand. The rules and regulations will be informed separately.
13th – 18th January 2020Computer ProwessPoster Making using the software
MS Paint. Topic will be informed later.
13th – 18th January 2020Computer ProwessT- shirt & mugs print designing using the software GIMP.
25th January 2020Annual QuizN/A
3rd - 8th February 2020Urdu FestivalN/A
15th February 2020Nukkad Natak CompetitionTeams will take a prevalent social issue and concern as a theme. The judgement will be done on the basis of theme, script, props, voice modulation, dialogue delivery, presentation, etc.


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