All students of   THE BLOSSOMS SCHOOL  are expected to conduct  themselves in an  appropriate manner at all times – both within and outside the school. They should know that their conduct reflects on their upbringing by their parents and their school.

The students should greet their educators and their elders when they meet them. They should also greet all outsiders visiting the school.

The endeavor at THE BLOSSOMS SCHOOL  is to foster self-discipline – as against externally enforced discipline – from the very beginning. This cannot be achieved without the proactive involvement of the parents and guardians. The school expects the whole-hearted cooperation of the parents in helping it to build the character of their wards.

The school will insist on strict punctuality, regularity in attending school, cleanliness in dress, general grooming and personal hygiene and fidelity towards study, work assignments, extra curricular activities and sports. Absence from school without sufficient cause will be strongly discouraged.

The School Diary– The School Diary is to be sent in the student’s bag everyday. In case of loss or misplacement of the Diary the school must be immediately informed. The Diary will be replaced at the parents’ cost. Parents are expected to go through the Diary everyday for any home assignments and for remarks etc. that it may contain.

School Property– Children must be told about the importance of taking good care of school property, equipment and learning aids. They should be told to report any damage to any of the above to the Educator Incharge or the Principal. Any damage to school property will have to be made good by the parents of the child responsible for such damage.

Students must not bring any valuable things such as expensive watches, pens or money to the school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any such items. Bringing of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets to the school is strictly prohibited. Such gadgets will be confiscated if found, and will be returned on payment of a fine of Rs.100/-

Visiting Hours– Parents can meet the Educators and the Principal by prior appointment after the last period of any working day. Parents and Guardians are not allowed to visit their wards and Educators in the class room as a matter of routine.

Suspension  & Rustication– The school reserves the right to suspend/rusticate any student whose diligence or progress remains unsatisfactory over a period of time or whose conduct is harmful to other students or whose parents show little interest in the progress of their wards or whose parents conduct themselves in an unbecoming manner towards the school, its Trustees, its management , Principal and staff. Immorality, grave insubordination , contempt of authority or willful damage to the school’s property by a student will be sufficient reason(s) for summary dismissal from the school.

In any matter pertaining to the child, the school authorities will interact only with the child’s parents or guardians. The school authorities will not entertain or interact with any unknown persons or entities, claiming to represent the parents or guardians.

The children of  The Blossoms School are always expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. The school seeks to strike a balance between the need for inculcating free spiritedness in the children, on the one hand, and the bounds of decorum and discipline on the other. The school is strictly against any sort of unbecoming and indecent conduct. The school has a zero tolerance policy towards abusive language, bullying and violence.
To enforce a sense of good behaviour and manners in the children the school has introduced the concept of “Discipline Cards”. These Discipline Cards will be issued, inter alia, under the following circumstances :
i) Using bad language.
ii) Indulging in violence.
iii) Destroying school property.
iv) Disorderly behaviour in school transport.
Cards will be issued in the following stages:-

  1. BLUE CARD : Will be issued for the first instance of gross misbehaviour or persistent improper behaviour over a period of time. A week will be given to the child to improve herself for himself. In this period the child will do various forms of Community Service in the School.


  1. YELLOW CARD : Will be issued if the misbehaviour continues. During this period the child will be debarred from all fun activities including visits for 15 days. Further, the child will do various forms of Community Service in the School.


  1. YELLOW-RED CARD : A child who has shown improvement after issuance of the Blue Card, again starts behaving improperly after sometime will be issued a Yellow-Red Card.


  1. RED CARD : If the child continues to persist with improper conduct and behaviour even after this then, a Red Card will be issued which will mean that the child is suspended from the school for a week.


  1. BLACK CARD : If no improvement is shown on return to the school after suspension then the child will be issued a Black Card, which will entail rustication from the school.


  • In case of extreme misconduct the above procedures will be by-passed and the child may, depending on the extent of misdemeanour, be suspended or rusticated directly.
  • The issuance of the cards will be authorized and monitored by a Committee consisting of the Principal and senior educators of the school.
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