Structure of Examination for Class I to V

Dear Parents,

Subject: Structure of Examination for Class I to V.

Following is the schedule for Assessments and Evaluation from Class I to V. The assessments will be on a Five Point Grading Scale.

Each Assessment will be carried out throughout the session using the components of Assessments mention in the table. The pen paper component (Evaluation) will be held as mentioned in the table:


Assessment and Evaluation

For Class I to V


Type of Assessment Month Components of Assessment
First term Scholastic Area Co-Scholastic Area
Assessment 1

Evaluation 1

April – May

July 2nd Week

Class Work, Home Work,

Oral Questions,

Examination, Assessments, Quizzes and Competitions, Projects, Debates, Elocution, Group Discussions, Club Activities.



Life Skills, Co-Curricular Activities, Attitude & Values, Visual & Performing Arts, Work Education & Health and Physical Activities.

Assessment 2

Evaluation 2

July – August

September 1st Week

Assessment 3

Evaluation 3

October – November

December 1st Week

Second Term
Assessment 4

Evaluation 4

December – January

January 2nd Week

Assessment 5

Evaluation 5

February – March

March – 2nd Week

Note: Beside the month, no specific date of Evaluation will be informed to the parents or to the student. So, children should be attentive in class and not miss school except for valid reasons.

Parents should understand and sincerely support the system in order to bring out the best in the children.


Five Point Grading System

  A* Outstanding   90% – 100%
A Excellent 75% – 89%
B Very Good 56% – 74%
C Good 35% – 55%
D Scope for Improvement Below 35 %
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