Competitions Class I & II

1st - 5th May 2017I 40 Meter Race
1st - 5th May 2017IIRelay Race
24th -28th July 2017I & IIOrigami
18th September 2017 (Monday)I A & BShow & Tell
19th September 2017 (Tuesday)1 C& DShow & Tell
21st September 2017 (Thursday)II A & BShow & Tell
22nd September 2017 (Friday)II C & DShow & Tell
9th October 2017 (Monday)IFancy Dress
(My Favourite Fairytale Character)
10th October 2017 (Tuesday)IIFancy Dress
(National Builder)
4th - 9th December 2017I & IIDrawing
Topic: Your Neighbourhood
5th - 10th February 2018I & IICreative Writing
Note: 1. Parents are requested not to buy ready made costumes for the Fancy Dress Competition.
2.The theme of the Fancy Dress Competition will be made known later.

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