Month: February 2018

Notice For Deworming of School Children

Dear Parents,
The Government of India is committed towards a worm free future for the children of India. In this regard CBSE wants all the school children from 1-19 years of age should be dewormed. Therefore you are requested to deworm your child (if the child is not dewormed so far) after consulting your family doctor and acknowledge us in written.
Yours sincerely,


With regard to the Supreme Court Judgement undertaking (Vishakha & others Vs State of Rajasthan) and guidelines issued in 1997 to provide for the effective enforcement of the basic human right of gender equality and guarantee against sexual harassment in the school, a sexual harassment committee has been constituted.

The present members of the committee to deal with the complaints of sexual harassment are:

1.Mr. Khalid JilaniManager of the School
Mrs. Saman SherwaniPrincipal
3.Dr. Afreen ShamimVice Principal
4.Mrs. Shazia MahmoodHead Mistress
5Ms. Iram SiddiqiEducator Representative
6.Ms. Neelam IrfanEducator Representative
7.Ms. Shaigan ArfeenEducator Representative
8.Mr. Asad Fareed BangashEducator Representative

To handle matters related to discipline of students, a Disciplinary Committee consisting of the following members is constituted hereunder with effect from 01.01.2018 for a period of one year.

1. Mr. Khalid Jilani (Convenor) Manager of the School
2. Mr. Mohammad Khalid Khan Associate Trustee
3. Dr. Afreen Shamim (Vice Principal) Sr. School Representative
4. Mrs. Shazia Mahmood (Head Mistress) Jr. School Representative
5. Mrs. Mehroze Ambreen Educator Representative
6 . Parent representatives of the Parent Teacher Coordinator Committee of the student(s) against whom the disciplinary proceedings are been conducted.
Swachchhata Samiti
1Dr. Afreen Shamim, Vice Principal Supervisor
2Mrs. Zeba TahirPHE Teacher
3Ms. Farheen SabirComputer Teacher (Incharge)
4Mrs. Farheen KhanEducator Representative
5Mr. Abdul Salam KhanPHE Teacher
6Ms. Shumayla AhsanEducator Representative
7Mr. Jafar RazaEstate Officer
8Mr. Reshampal SinghCleaning Staff Supervisor
9Ms. Najia AshrafReporter
10Saba AnjumStudent Representative
11Muhammad Haris KhanStudent Representative
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